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Hiii! Welcome to Annette's creative corner. 

Annette is a story curator who turns every conversation into a counseling session. She believes in the power of stories. Until she masters the art of bilocation, she hopes her stories go before her to raise people to consciousness and impart the courage to challenge conventions.

Annette considers herself to be a companion accompanying her readers on a world tour. She hopes to broaden horizons and instill the curiosity to explore new frontiers. 

She doesn't weave her stories alone. Her readers form a delicate thread that strings each story together. It should be no surprise if some stories whisper to them loudly or if they find their truth subtly hidden beneath the words.

Annette spends most of her time drinking in sights and sounds of ordinary life and scribbling them extraordinarily. She finds her inspiration in the most unexpected places: the beady innocent eyes of a baby, distant look in a stranger's eyes and in the bustle of normal life. When she is not nose-deep in a book, you would find her sniffing ovens for cakes.

She also offers reviews of product, places and books at affordable fees. Reach out to her at ogonnannette@gmail.com. She looks forward to hearing from you. 

You can check out her professional life at: LinkedIn

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